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        YAN HING History

        First founded in the early 1950s
        in Hong Kong
              1950   Development and production of plunger-type injection moulding machine
              1959   Development and production of hydraulic driven injection moulding machine
              1960   Development and production of pre-plasticising injection moulding machine.
              1974   Development and production of in-line screw injection moulding machine
              1979   Development and production of digital controlled injection moulding machines
              1982   Development and production of PLC controlled injection moulding machines
              1988   Development and production of computer controlled injection moulding machine
              1991   Yan Hing Machinery (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. was established
              1995   Development and production of hydraulic direct clamping injection moulding machines
              1999   (Hong Kong, Tseung Kwan O )15,000-squared-metre industrial base established
              1999   Granted the BSI ISO9001 quality certificate
              2000   Joined together with Hong Kong Productivity Council, developed 'high efficiency, energy-
                          saving injection moulding machines
              2002   Invest in high technology technique for die-casting machine development
              2003   Launched PW series 850 tonnes Multi-function High Speed Magnesium and Aluminium
                          Alloy Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine
              2003   Shenzhen plant expansion. Completed construction of second phase factory.
              2003   Development and production of two-platen hydraulic-mechanical clamping injection
                          moulding machine
              2004   Launched the first PW series Semi-solid Die-Casting Machine in Southeast Asia and China
              2005   Development and production of servo-driven power saving injection moulding machines
              2006   First hot chamber die-casting machine and cold chamber die-casting machine
                          manufactured in Yan Hing, Shenzhen
              2006   Started building a 1,320,000-squared-metre- industrial park in Gao Ming, Fo Shan city
              2007   Developed the fully electric micro-injection moulding machine
              2007   First magnesium-zinc alloy die-casting machines produced in Yan Hing
             2008   Awarded the '2008 HK Awards for Industries Machinery and Machine Tools Design
                         Award' for our design in MM series multi-colour injection moulding machine
             2008   Merged and acquired Hong Kong Pro-win die casting machines brand and production
                         in the aim of supplying the overseas market
             2009   Yan Hing launched "EcoPow" servo-drive system.
             2010   Enhance development of heavy series injection moulding and die casting machinery
             2011   Introduced the use of US brand ERP system
             2012   Production starts in Fo Shan plant
        Opening ceremony of Yan Hing Machinery (Foshan) Co., Ltd